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I’m excited, I don’t know why.

I feel giddy but I can’t explain why.

I am anxious, yes, I am.

I feel that something is going to happen but I don’t know what.

I can’t wait for that something to happen.


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I have been accused of many things a lot of times in my life.

Some of them true, most of them are not.

But when you say that my eyes seem empty when I look at you,

I have to protest.

Although they say the eyes are the windows to your soul,

My heart may sometimes not agree with my eyes.

Please know that my heart is full of love for you,

And that empty stares from me only means that I am awed by your beauty.

That I don’t know what to do when I’m with you.

And that I still cannot believe that you love me too.

Please don’t base my love for you by my eyes.

Let my heart speak to you instead.

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I did it again.


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Missing Letter

I specifically remember writing a letter last Feb. 19.

I don’t see it here though.

Sad face.

Eventhough we were in Coron, I knew I wrote you a letter.

Please consider this a technology bug.

I want to be able to say that I wrote you every single day since I decided to start this.

Please believe me.

Love you.

I hate missing letters.

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I hate it.

Why did your phone have to die?

I take full responsibility for that.

That came from me.

Let’s just buy you a new one.

I hate it!

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Sorry for being a sleepyhead last night.

I was just so tired and sleepy.

The feeding also did not help, haha.

It’s just that I feel so comfortable when I’m with you.

I just want you to be by my side before I sleep and once I wake up.

Sorry again.

Will not sleep anymore.

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That’s what I felt.

Being with your family and being with you.

Even in a far away place.

I was comfortable.


Thank you for making me feel comfortable.

Thank you for your family.

I would not have it any other way.

I am just comfortable.

With them.

With you.

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